Other Software

This is a collection of various software projects I've built. I'm not limited to just websites, I've made games, as well as other tools, applications and experiments. Take a look below if you want to learn more.

Honest Ipsum

A filler text generator that says exactly what it is.

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Game of Life

My own implementation of Conway's Game of Life using p5.js

Play With Life

Procedural Mountains

Make beautiful randomly generated mountain scapes.

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Lendovi Font Generator

Play with the parameters in the URL to build custom word art.

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Game With Us 2014

A game I made using Processing in under 48 hrs for my first ever Game Jam. As you eat tiles, your character grows, making it harder to navigate the maze. Levels are procedurally generated.

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Game With Us 2016

Duper Mash Brothers, a simple two player game I made with Unity, in under 2 days to be played on a single keyboard. There are advantages to being both large and small.

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Draw With Kinect

A class project that utilized the Microsoft Kinect Sensor to track the motion of user's hands to create a new type of drawing app.

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